Elizabeth Wyld is a singer and songwriter from rural Northern Virginia.


A few years ago, Wyld was a promising actress with an agent, earning regular callbacks for broadway shows. Parallel to playing roles onstage, however, she was acting a part offstage, keeping up appearances in her personal life and denying her sexuality. After touring Europe in a production of the musical Hair, Elizabeth came back to find herself completely unable to speak for several months. The diagnosis was unilateral vocal fold paralysis. Elizabeth was told she may never sing again. There and then, her musical theater career came to a screeching halt, and she found herself alone in her apartment without means to make a living.


While being silent for six months, Elizabeth learned to recast herself in an authentic life. During this time, she began writing lyrics, working on her guitar skills, and finally embracing her sexuality. Thankfully, after minor surgery her voice came back.


Grateful and emboldened, she steps forward with her debut album Quiet Year in January 2021. Produced by Zach Jones and Oscar Albis Rodriguez of A Great Big World, the songs are lushly layered with achingly beautiful harmony vocals, touches of organ, swells of ethereal ambience, and pristine and purposeful lead vocals that span whispered sensuality to soaring emotionality.